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Hare Krishna!

This platform is for receiving content from, or for sending content to Yamuna Jivana Dasa at Gaura Records Audio.

Please click the Upload folder to send content to this server. From there you will see buttons to create folders and add content into them.

The files intended for you to download will also be listed here. If you only see the Upload folder, it means that files have not been served for you to download. If you were instead expecting files here to download,

E-mail Yamuna Jivana Dasa from Gaura Records

*** Important ***
After uploading your files, from the Uploads folder or a sub-folder, you will not see this page to mail Yamuna Jivana. You need to click the "Up" button until you get back, or you need to close the website completely and re-open the link to us:

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